About Louis Weil

After 12 years living in Laguna Beach, six years as the father of two young boys, and four years serving on key local boards and committees, I’m deeply invested in ensuring the health and vibrancy of our unique community for decades to come. Now a realtor, for years I directed the work of cross-functional teams in the retail sector, managing budgets and staffing. That job, and my recent experience as chair of the Design Review Board, both proved to me that all of us, everywhere, can always do better when we work together to get things done.

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Why I am Running

Forward thinking — Independent — Experienced

I will work to ensure Laguna Beach is a great community and place to live for current and future generations.

I will work to protect our ocean, beaches, and wilderness parks to ensure long-term sustainability.

I’m committed to respecting our past as an integral part of our vibrant community going forward.

Why i am

Working together, Laguna, we can achieve better…

  • Family-friendly Policies
  • Integrity in Decision-making
  • Environmental Practices
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety
  • Community Involvement
  • Public Service Experience
My Campaign Priorities

Working together,
we can do better, Laguna! Join Us.


My husband, Louis has been an impactful member of the city of Laguna Beach and would make an excellent addition to the City Council. He will focus on the importance of family and increasing Laguna's vitality while also ensuring to maintain the charm that all residents love.

– Meghan Weil

I know Louis as a family member but more importantly as a dedicated Laguna Beach Community member, who can both inspire the younger generation's involvement in the future of Laguna as well as be a beacon for moderation and civil engagement through an experienced and thoughtful management of our beloved artistic, environmentally conscious, and socially active town.

- Barbara MacGillivray

I trust Louis to bring politeness back to the City Council, to save Laguna‘s trees and historical buildings, and to represent a younger point of view which will make the future Laguna Beach even more creatively charming than it is today.

- Greg MacGillivray

Our family believes, Louis would be a great addition to city council representing a younger generation of families who love Laguna’s charm while embracing its future.

– Shaun & Katie MacGillivray

"Louis is smart, strategic and has a sincere interest in helping to preserve our town for the next generation. He’s brilliant at bringing people together from widely opposing viewpoints to help find that more centered, common ground, which is what Laguna needs so deeply right now.”

- Mike Marriner

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